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Caleb J. Walsh



Business Career (2008-present) In 2008, Caleb Walsh left his father’s construction company and began a real estate career flipping residential homes. Caleb completed nearly $5 million in transactions until he began to observe the decline of the credit markets. In order to adapt to the changing economic environment, he converted existing projects to rental portfolios and acquired nearly $50 million in multifamily properties through 2015. This expansion quickly highlighted the weaknesses of property management companies, which led Caleb to develop a new management formula and team of regional property managers. The creation of Land Parks Management allowed Caleb to expand over 150 locations with holdings in 10 states, spanning from the Southeast to upper-Midwest.

Today, Caleb is retained by 16 real estate firms to restructure declining rent rolls, establish management protocols, and foster long-term financing relationships. Caleb has consolidated his expertise as the founder of the Urban Bay Housing Fund in Tampa Florida where he resides with his wife, Denise, and their two children.


Joshua Mance

Asset Managment


An accomplished leadership professional with more than a decade of experience in fast-paced environments and Fortune 500 Companies, Joshua Mance came to Urban Bay Housing Fund to lead a results-oriented team focused on acquisitions, investment, and portfolio and project management. Joshua has developed teams to analyzes data and makes sound business decisions by applying innovative solutions to complex business challenges and maintaining the growth focus and professional partnerships of Urban Bay’s portfolio. Under his leadership, Urban Bay has had strong success increasing revenues, streamlining processes, and improving individual and company performance and development.