Many Real Estate Sectors See Challenges for Some Time, But ‘Urban Bay Housing Fund’ Continues to Focus on Upswing: Offers Commercial Real Estate and Bridge Loans to Investors

TAMPA, Fla., July XX, 2021 – Despite some continued market upheavals due to the ongoing economic effects of the pandemic, Urban Bay Housing Fund continued to highlight its signature commercial real estate (CRE) and bridge loans as an excellent way for investors to get ahead of the game. Urban Bay is helmed by Caleb Walsh, a nationally recognized real estate expert and one of the Top 100 People in Real Estate to watch by Top 100 Magazine. Providing bridge loans for over 12 years now, Urban Bay specializes in helping those who have had trouble dealing with a bank in the past.


Urban Bay Housing Fund: Knowing When to Invest Is Half the Battle


“Many investors may harbor concerns or confusion regarding the commercial real estate market, especially during the difficult times we live in,” said Caleb Walsh. “Some sectors will face challenges for some time. But leveraging these downturns – especially in areas like office spaces, hospitality, and retail properties – can be an absolute financial boon for both relative short-term and long-term investment strategies. Bridge loans are one area where investors are likely to find consistent low risk and high rewards compared to similar investments offering a fixed income. Urban Bay offers quick-closing loans to borrowers, usually for the purchase of, or renovation of, investment properties nationwide.”


CRE and bridge loans are hard-money loans that offer a variety of features for investors who have solid experience but are frustrated by the increasingly rigid algorithms used by financial institutions to turn lenders down. A nationally recognized market leader in acquiring, developing, and managing multifamily and commercial properties throughout the U.S., Urban Bay offers CRE and bridge loans for investment properties across the nation. Urban Bay is the perfect option for those who have been told “no” by the bank before, while also helping those who feel their credit is not quite perfect. Urban Bay bridge loans are perfect for:


  • Buyers who want to seize on new property investment opportunities now, but need funds from existing properties to secure down payments.
  • Immediate capital received that can be leveraged quickly, without having to wait on sales of existing properties.
  • Short-term loans that offer flexibility, often with a grace period before monthly payments begin.
  • Helping borrowers who now have great income and payment histories but are still recovering from less-than-perfect past credit.


“We’re here to help investors for the entire process: from acquisition to construction to mortgage buyouts,” said Walsh. “We’re a private firm, allowing us to handle everything from underwriting to lending, and all signed-off in-house. This enables our process to be the quickest in the market, letting investors avoid all the red tape that can totally ruin a good opportunity. And we’re also expanding the variety of our services and funding loans to include properties and projects that government-backed organizations would never be able to lend on.”


Cutting deals on average of $20 million at a time, Urban Bay urges potential investors to act now. Go online and learn more by completing a short application process.


About Urban Bay Housing Fund


The Urban Bay Housing Fund group is comprised of highly skilled real estate specialists with varied and nuanced expertise in every sector of the commercial real estate industry. Specializing in multifamily and hospitality off-market transactions as a core of its commercial acquisitions, Urban Bay buys and holds lucrative, self-managed real estate ventures in major markets before matching them to the best, complimenting franchises – with a broad focus in properties located in the Western and Southern United States. Learn more at:


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